Streamline and enhance your checkout flow

The PayPal Instant Update API is a feature of our Express Checkout product that lets you provide all order details, shipping options, insurance choices, and tax totals directly on the PayPal Review Your Information page.

Studies show that buyers are more likely to complete checkout when more transaction details appear sooner in the flow and there are less steps in the overall process.* By providing this info up front, the Instant Update API lets you eliminate your "shipping options" page and gives your customers one less page to navigate.

Details and costs appear up front, in easy-to-select, drop-down menus
  • Order details
  • Shipping options
  • Tax information
  • Insurance options
  • Upon checkout, the buyer logs in to PayPal and our server sends your web service the buyer's default shipping details.
  • Your server calls back with the available shipping options, insurance options, and tax amounts.
  • PayPal displays this information on the PayPal Review Your Information Page. Note: Instant Update API is intended to be used with the PayPal order detail feature. Learn more
  • The buyer easily chooses from the options, info is sent directly back to you, and you complete the order.

To get started, contact your developer/cart partner today or visit PayPal Developer Central for more details

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* Source: comScore Checkout Abandoners Study, May 2008