Get greater security and peace of mind. Instant Payment Review

Protect yourself from fraud

Fraud hurts everyone. That’s why PayPal has implemented Instant Payment Review – a free fraud-detection feature that instantly notifies you of potentially high-risk payments via both the payment received email and online status in your Account Overview and History page. If a payment is flagged, PayPal conducts a review and either clears or cancels the payment, and then notifies you within 24 hours, so you know whether to ship your item or not.

Here’s how Instant Payment Review works

We send you an initial payment status notification

As soon as PayPal receives payment for your sales, we send an email and update your Account Overview and History pages alerting you to the payment status. You’ll receive one of the following messages in the initial payment received notification:

  • OK to ship – Payment Status: Completed

    PayPal has not identified the transaction as high-risk. But before you ship, always verify the status and Seller Protection eligibility via the “Transaction Details” link in your email or the “Details” link on your Account Overview or History page.

  • Wait, don’t ship yet – Payment Status: Under review

    PayPal has identified the transaction as potentially high-risk. Wait to ship your item until one of our anti-fraud specialists reviews the payment. We will determine if it’s fraudulent and notify you within 24 hours.

Important note: Funds relating to a payment under review by PayPal will be temporarily held and will be reflected as “Pending” in your balance detail section until the review is completed, within 24 hours.

We send you a follow-up notification

If the initial transaction status is under review, within 24 hours, PayPal will notify you of the outcome via email and in your PayPal Account Overview and History pages, and you’ll receive one of the following messages:

  • Ok to ship – Payment Status: Completed

    Go ahead and ship your item.

  • Stop - Don’t ship – Payment Status: Canceled

    In this case, the payment is canceled and PayPal has reversed the funds from the ‘Pending’ balance of your account. And because the item remains in your possession, you haven’t incurred any loss.

Important note: Before you ship, always check the payment status and Seller Protection Eligibility by referring to the “Transaction Details” link found in your email or the “Details” link on your Account Overview or History page.

Want to know more?

PayPal has always been committed to reducing online fraud, and Instant Payment Review is just the most recent feature to help protect you from losses due to unauthorized transactions and chargebacks. For more information, check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

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