Amendment to the PayPal User Agreement

Effective Date: Mar 06, 2012
  • Please read this document.

You do not need to do anything to accept the changes as they will automatically come into effect on the above date. Should you decide you do not wish to accept them you can notify us before the above date to close your account ( immediately without incurring any additional charges.

We do hope, however, that you continue to use PayPal and enjoy the following benefits:

It’s safer
When you pay with PayPal your financial details are never shared with sellers or retailers, so you’re more protected against fraud.

It’s faster
You don’t have to type in your card details each time you pay, so you can check out faster online. You can also get eBay items delivered more quickly, as you can pay the seller instantly.

It’s easier
PayPal is the preferred web payment method in the EU because it’s a smarter, savvier way to pay online in just a few clicks. All you need is your email address and a password.

Please review the current User Agreement.

  • Amendment to the PayPal User Agreement
  1. Fees

    Section 8 is amended in the following ways:
    1. To update Chargeback Fees and,
    2. To introduce fee caps for Receiving eCheques
    The relevant part of section 8 now reads as follows:

    Additional Fees

    Activity Fee

    Chargeback Fee

    To cover the cost of processing Chargebacks, PayPal assesses a settlement fee/Chargeback Fee to sellers for credit and debit card payment chargebacks. (A chargeback may occur when a buyer rejects or reverses a charge on his or her card through the card issuer).

    This Fee does not apply if the transaction is covered by PayPal’s Seller Protection Programme.
    The Chargeback Fee is as follows and is based on the currency received as follows:

    Argentine Peso: 70.00 ARS
    Australian Dollar: 22.00 AUD
    Brazilian Real: 35.00 BRL
    Canadian Dollar:  20.00 CAD
    Czech Koruna: 400.00 CZK
    Danish Krone: 120.00 DKK
    Euro: 16 EUR
    Hong Kong Dollar: 155.00 HKD
    Hungarian Forint: 4325 HUF
    Israeli Shekel: 75.00 ILS
    Indian Rupee: 950.00 INR
    Malaysian Ringgit: 65.00 MRY
    Mexican Peso: 250.00 MXN
    New Zealand Dollar: 28.00 NZD
    Norwegian Krone: 125.00 NOK
    Philippine Peso: 900.00 PHP
    Polish Zlotych: 65.00 PLN
    Singapore Dollar: 28.00 SGD
    Swedish Krona: 150.00 SEK
    Swiss Franc: 22.00 CHF
    Taiwan New Dollar: 625.00 TWD
    Thai Baht: 650.00 THB
    Turkish Lira: 30.00 TRY
    U.K. Pounds Sterling: 14.00 GBP
    U.S. Dollar: 20.00 USD

    Receiving eCheques
    A maximum fee cap per eCheque payment (based on the currency received) applies as follows:

    Argentine Peso: 150.00 ARS
    Australian Dollar: 50.00 AUD
    Brazilian Real: 75.00 BRL
    Canadian Dollar: 45.00 CAD
    Czech Koruna: 850.00 CZK
    Danish Krone: 250.00 DKK
    Euro: 35.00 EUR
    Hong Kong Dollar: 330.00 HKD
    Hungarian Forint: 9250 HUF
    Israeli Shekel: 160.00 ILS
    Indian Rupee: 2000 INR
    Malaysian Ringgit 150.00 MYR
    Mexican Peso: 540.00 MXN
    New Zealand Dollar: 60.00 NZD
    Norwegian Krone: 270.00 NOK
    Philippine Peso: 1900.00 PHP
    Polish Zlotych: 140.00 PLN
    Singapore Dollar: 60.00 SGD
    Swedish Krona: 320.00 SEK
    Swiss Franc: 50.00 CHF
    Taiwan New Dollar: 1350.00 TWD
    Thai Baht: 1400.00 THB
    Turkish Lira 80.00 TRY
    U.K. Pounds Sterling: 30.00 GBP
    U.S. Dollar: 45.00 USD
  2. PayPal Buyer Protection

    Section 13.2 is amended to update the eligibility requirements for PayPal Buyer Protection. Section 13.2 now reads:

    13.2 What are the eligibility requirements for PayPal Buyer Protection?

    You must meet all of these requirements to be eligible for a payment under PayPal Buyer Protection:

    1. Your payment must be for an eligible item and made from your PayPal Account (see Section 13.3 for further details on item eligibility);
    2. Pay the full amount of the eligible item in one payment. Items purchased with multiple payments – like a deposit followed by a final payment – are not eligible.
    3. Send the payment to the seller through:

      1. The eBay “Pay Now” button or the eBay invoice,
      2. for INR claims relating to purchases made outside of eBay: the Send Money tab on the PayPal website by clicking the “Purchase” tab, or the seller’s PayPal checkout flow, or
      3. for SNAD Claims relating to for eligible purchases made outside of eBay: the classified website’s PayPal checkout flow available on the seller’s website; and
    4. Open a Dispute within 45 days of the date you sent the payment and follow the online dispute resolution process described below under “How do I resolve my problem?” in section 13.5.”