Thank you for your interest. However, due to legal and regulatory constraints, PayPal Pte. Ltd. is unable to process payments for non-registered charities and non-profit organizations (NPOs), political party/organizations, religious institutions, personal/organizational fundraisers etc in countries under its jurisdiction. You may refer to the PayPal Pte. Ltd. User Agreement link to review the list of countries under its jurisdiction.

  1. PayPal requires pre-approval to accept payments for entities collecting donations as a charity or non-profit organization. Should you wish to sign your entity up as a partner of PayPal, please also send your contact information, website URL (if available) and a brief summary of the nature of your entity to
  2. Following pre-approval, to ensure greater security of your PayPal account, we request that entities wishing to accept donations on behalf of a charity provide the following information to complete our review process:
    • Evidence of Tax Exempt Status or Registration with a local Regulatory Body - This can be in the form of an approval letter from a local authority, registration number that can be verified via government websites, a copy of approval forms, certificate of approvals or official registration documentation.
    • A voided check or bank statement - for the account(s) registered on the customer PayPal account (charity/NPO organizations)
    • Information on the nature of the organization and type and purpose of payments - intended to be processed through PayPal.
    • Letter of Authorization from the Charity/NPO - to indicate the authorized person/s to manage all PayPal account related activities.
    • Proof of Identification - Photo ID of the authorized person/s and the person authorizing the Letter of Authorization. Examples of acceptable Photo ID include: Driver's License, Passport, National Identity Cards.