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Texting with PayPal – easy as lifting a finger

Basic Text Message Keywords

Check your PayPal balance
Text BAL or BALANCE to 729725 (PAYPAL). Link your mobile number to your account, and we’ll text back your balance.
Testing with PayPal – easy as lifting a finger
Send money
Send a text to 729725 (PAYPAL). Specify the amount and the recipient’s phone number or email address.
  • SEND 10.99 to 4165551981
  • SEND 5 to
Request money
Send a text to 729725 (PAYPAL). Include the words GET and from, and then specify the amount and the phone number of the person you’re requesting money from. You can even enter several phone numbers – just separate them with a comma.
  • GET 10 from 4165551981
  • GET 10 from 4165551981, 4165551982, 4165551923
Get help
Text HELP to 729725 (PAYPAL), and we'll reply with instructions.

Standard message and data rates may apply

Advanced text message keywords

Add a note
Text note at the end of your message, and then type your note.
  • SEND 10.99 to 4165001234 note thx for din
Change the currency
Specify the currency with its three-letter abbreviation after the amount. Text CAD for Canadian Dollar, USD for U.S. Dollar, GBP for Pound Sterling, AUD for Australian Dollar, EUR for Euros, or JPY for Japanese Yen.
  • SEND 10.99 USD to 4165001234
  • SEND 5.43 USD to 4165551212
Share your information
If you want your recipient to ship an item or contact you, text share address or share phone after the recipient’s phone number. To include both your address and phone number, text share info.
  • SEND 10.99 to 4165001234 share address
  • SEND 10.99 to 6475551212 share phone
  • SEND 5 to 6045551981 share info note send asap
Report spoof
PayPal never asks for your mobile PIN unless you initiate a transaction. Never give or text your PIN to anyone, and never send personal or financial information by text message.
If you receive a text message that you believe is not from PayPal, forward the message to 729725 (PAYPAL) and insert the word SPOOF in the beginning of the message.

Standard message and data rates may apply