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Artez Interactive helps nonprofit and charitable organizations create, manage and execute a wide range of online fundraising campaigns.

Artez Interactive is a leading technology company based in Toronto Canada. In addition to their online fundraising platform, they have strategic experts that help nonprofits breathe new life into fundraising campaigns.

Combine the security of PayPal with the flexibility of Artez Online Fundraising today.

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  • Accept: Visa, MasterCard, American Express,PayPal

Get everything you need to create, manage and execute online fundraising campaigns.

  • Artez Interactive can help any nonprofit organization that is looking to accept online donations or hold a fundraising event.

    • Just in Time Online Donations
    • Monthly Recurring Online Donations
    • "A-thon" Events Online
    • "Fundraise Now" Button for your Website
    • Online Shopping Cart for a Cause
    • Tribute & In Memory Donations Online
    • Online Ticketing
    • Alternative Giving Donation
    • Workplace Giving Online Campaigns
    • Member-Get-A-Member Campaign
  • What makes Artez Interactive Different?

    Building great tools is something Artez loves to do — but it’s not all we do. At Artez, we seek to actively shape the way that fundraising is done in and for the not-for-profit sector.

    As fundraising visionaries, we look for ways to open up new sources of funding for our clients, and ways to make it easier for citizens to engage with the charitable sector. For example, offering the first ever electronic tax receipt.

    Our aim is to have a measurable and sustainable impact on philanthropic activity in Canada. This drive to make a difference is what separates and defines us.

It’s easy. Sign up with Artez. Choose your campaign type. Create your campaign. Select PayPal. Start raising money online.

  • Pay using PayPal

    As an addition to the payment types available inside the Artez Solution, ‘Pay using PayPal’ now makes it easy for you to give your donors flexible options for making a gift! And more options mean more donations.

    By adding PayPal as a payment type for your donation forms, shopping carts, run/walk/rides and peer to peer campaigns, your donors can choose between paying by credit card or paying through their PayPal account.

    Offering ‘Pay using PayPal’ is a great way to increase conversion from “visitor” to “donor”.

    The Artez Solution is fully bilingual in English and French. Our registrant and donor-facing content pages, emails, media and messages are available in English and French, right out of the box! Your organization can also customize content templates to add your own preferred language for your events and donation forms.

  • Donor Advantages

    When your donors choose “Pay using PayPal” they are directed to the familiar PayPal login screen where they can securely log into their accounts to make a donation.

    When the donation is complete, donors are directed back to your charity’s “Thank you!” page.

    If the donation was made on an event personal page, donors can then leave a message for a participant, or spread your charity’s message on social networks like Facebook and Twitter!

  • Tax Receipting

    The PayPal payment option is fully integrated into the Artez solution. This means that your organization can automatically issue CRA and IRS-compliant tax receipts by email, saving your organization valuable time and money.

  • Complete Reporting

    Donations made through PayPal are listed in your Artez database and reports as “PayPal” gifts under Payment Method. These gifts will appear on scoreboards and thermometers as verified transactions, just as if they were made by credit card.

    Donor name, address information, and extra questions you may ask your supporters are all entered by the donor and are all visible to you inside our system. No separate reporting is required!

  • Combine the security of PayPal with the flexibility of Artez Online Fundraising today.

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